Wet Rooms

Edinburgh Wet Room

Wet rooms are a great add-on to your dream bathroom. When you decide to have one, make sure that you only hire the experts in the field so you can have the peace of mind knowing your much-needed home improvement project will be a success. In the past, wet rooms were a very pricey project. Today, you can easily find cost-effective designs and materials to build a wet room or remodel an existing one.

Wet Room versus Shower Room

The shower room’s waterproof features are only in the shower area and around the bath. On the other hand, the entire wet room area is watertight or waterproofed. The walls and the floors are water-sealed and the water drains directly down the floor. This makes it a practical and a safer option for those who have disabled family members or loved ones with limited mobility or those using wheelchairs.

Benefits of Having a Wet Room

  • No enclosures that restrict or block movement
  • Fully water-sealed preventing damp, mould build up, and leaks
  • Boost the aesthetic appeal and increase the value of your property
  • No shower tray, making is super easy to clean
  • Accessibility and safety features can be easily added – hand rails and seats
  • Works perfectly with underfloor heating, if necessary

We Design, We Supply, We Build

Edinburgh Wet Rooms Specialists has a team of professionals specialising in wet room installations. We design, supply, and install wet rooms no matter how big or small, basic or luxurious it is. If you have already come up with a design and been eyeing on another team of fitters, we can also supply you with all the materials and supplies you need. Guaranteed, our supplies come from reliable and trusted manufacturers in the industry. To name the best one, we have Impey on our list. Call us today or drop us a line to find out more about our amazing services.


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