Mobility Bathrooms

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For our senior loved ones as well as our family members who have limited mobility due to old age or disability, taking a shower is not only a difficult task to do, but it also poses a serious threat to their health and safety. This is especially true when they do it in bathrooms that were not designed to accommodate their unique needs.

Whether you need to have your bathrooms upgraded into mobility bathrooms for present or future use, you must only invest in top-quality professional design, supply, and installation services. Doing so gives you that peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one will be able to take care of themselves by doing their daily baths safely, more comfortable, and convenient.

Edinburgh Wet Rooms Specialists will help you achieve all this while keeping up with the budget. We design, supply, and install mobility bathrooms no matter how big or small it is.

Mobility Bathroom Design

We can start from scratch, or we can help you improve the design that you already have in mind. Either way works great for our team of professional bathroom fitters. Let’s take time to talk about your needs – you or your loved ones’ special requirements as well as your style and preferences. We will incorporate all this plus the other essential elements to come up with the best mobility bathroom design.  You may also consider the following add-ons and upgrades:

  • Walk In Baths – we make the most comfortable walk in baths for modern homes. We can fit in a standard bath or a more luxurious one such as whirlpool or hydrotherapy for a more therapeutic bathing experience.
  • Walk In Showers – we can add a shower seat so you can take a shower with the highest level of comfort. We can increase the space for easy and safer movement and use.

Mobility Bathroom Supply

Many clients come to us only for supplies as they already have a bathroom fitter in mind. Our team can also provide you with a plethora of selection for supplies and Impey products that come with a lifetime warranty.

Mobility Bathroom Installation

Our company installs mobility bathrooms based on the safety standards as well as manufacturer’s specifications. We can collaborate with your occupational therapists, if necessary, in order to build specially-designed mobility bathroom to fit your needs. We install:

  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Safety glass
  • Grab rails
  • Assistance poles
  • Ventilation
  • Safe and easy to use faucets
  • Shower seats
  • Wheelchair access

The Name You can Trust

There is definitely no other company to trust when it comes to residential and commercial mobility bathroom design, supply, and installation than Edinburgh Wet Rooms Specialists. Get in touch with our experts today and take advantage of the free estimates.

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