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main bathroom ceramic design

Do you often wake up in wee hours, running down the hallway just to use the bathroom? How many times have you been late for work or school because you had to wait for the other family members to finish using the bathroom? How many hours have you wasted because you had to share the bathroom? If you are caught up in this situation, you might want to consider remodelling your bedroom and installing an en suite bathroom.

As experts in bathroom fitting and renovation, we offer a complete range of en suite design, supply, and installation at very competitive prices. Having your very own “in the room” bathroom lets you enjoy your daily routine without the hassles and the stress.

Edinburgh Wet Rooms Specialists customises en suite bathrooms according to your personal preferences in order for it to provide you comfort, safety, and convenience.

Maximise Space

Many clients who opt to have en suite bathrooms have small space available to accommodate the installation. If this is the case, we often opt for space-saving cabinetries, racks, shelves, and vanities that can be hung or mounted on walls. Doing so allows you to add necessary fixtures and furniture that will improve the area’s aesthetics and functionality.

Proper Lighting and Sound

Natural lighting through large windows is always the first choice. But if it is quite impossible to achieve due to the location, we can always go for artificial lighting. The right style of lamps or lights can do the trick. Different lighting modes allow you to change the mood and the overall ambiance of the bathroom.

Moreover, many homeowners want to integrate sounds into their bathroom design with the use of digital speakers that can be installed without taking up too much space. With this, you will be able to complement the lighting with the sound for a more relaxing mood.

The Best En Suite Bathroom Design, Supply, and Installation in Edinburgh

Whether you want a standard en suite bathroom, tiled with your favourite tile colour and design, or you want a more luxurious ones with spa-like ambiance built with a relaxing bath tub plus state cutting edge lighting and sound systems, let our experts take care of it. Talk to us today and let us know what your dream en suite bathroom is, and let’s get started right away.


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