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Turn ordinary, lifeless bathroom into a special spot where you can relax and be comfortable as you start or end a busy, stressful day by opting to remodel it. Today, the design possibilities for shower rooms are limitless, allowing you to mix and match colours and materials that will complement your unique taste and style.

Edinburgh Wet Room Specialists offers design, supply, and installation for residential and commercial clients in Edinburgh, UK, and nearby areas. We design modern bathrooms, provide all supplies you need, and install them. We cater to bathroom fitting needs in all shapes and sizes – from the standard bathroom to wet rooms, powder room, commercial bathrooms, bespoke bathrooms, modern bathrooms, contemporary bathrooms, luxury bathrooms, and many more.

However, choosing the right design and supplies can be very challenging. Although our bathroom designers can help you pick the best one, we always leave to you the final decision. Nevertheless, to maximise the space and function of the area, we recommend the following:

  • Materials
    Modern bathrooms often use different types of materials and combine them to come up with a more stylish look and luxurious feel. The most common combo today includes stainless steel and natural wood or the use of glass and ceramic tiles.

    The most important factor to consider when choosing the material is, however, its level of water and moisture resistance. This is mainly because the bathroom is exposed to high levels of water, moisture, and other elements that could be very damaging to some materials.

    For the tiling, ceramic and porcelain tiles are often used because of its water and moisture-resistant feature, making it a very cost-effective choice for bathroom flooring.

  • Colours
    Most homeowners choose colours that are soothing, relaxing, and pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, colours can create an illusion of wider or smaller space. Tiles with colours like cream, white, and light grey can actually make the bathroom space look wider. However, you can also use contrasting colours like the blacks and whites for a bolder, more modern look.
  • Furniture and Accessories
    Wall-hung cabinets are such a trend these days as space-saving solutions for smaller bathrooms. You can free up the floor space by opting for these mounted cabinets so you accommodate other bathroom necessities. You may also boost the overall appeal of the space by choosing the right type of lighting that comes in different shapes and sizes – rounded, rectangular, square, and many other unique forms.

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